How to Build The World's Largest Dinosaur

As if the anyone needs additional incentive to be interested in a dinosaur exhibit beyond, like, dinosaurs, the American Museum of Natural History is opening The World's Largest Dinosaurs, centered around a massive half-skin, half-dissected, life-sized Mamenchisaurus.


Never heard of a Mamenchisaurus? Who cares—it's huge!—and you'll be able to see it up close and in person when the exhibit opens this Saturday. For now, you can see how the elaborate installation was assembled over the course of several months in the very cool time lapse video above, which the AMNH recorded throughout its installation.

The World's Largest Dinosaurs will concentrate on the biology of sauropods, the long-tailed and necked infraorder of dinosaur that includes favorites like the Apatosaurus and Brachiosaurus. Did you know that the skin of a Mamenchisaurus weighed something like 2400lbs—about the same as a small car—or that newly hatched sauropod chicks were typically no larger than an adult goose? Or more to the point, that dinosaur babies were called chicks? This is your chance to get your hands on untold sums of esoteric facts about the giant reptiles to beguile your friends, impress women, and make you the most popular kid at school. [AMNH]



A small car doesn't sound that heavy. For some reason, I've always thought dinosaurs were bigger.

/back to my world of broken dreams.