How To Check Your AT&T Data Usage

With today's new pricing policies regarding AT&T data plans, I'm sure a lot of you are asking, "How can I actually see how much data I'm using?" It's super simple. MacObserver points out two ways you can check. One involves logging in at AT&T's site, the other involves an app called AT&T myWireless Mobile that you can download. If you're planning on sticking with AT&T through the policy changes—a few of us at Giz are not—it's worth your 5 minutes of research. [MacObserver]


On the iPhone there's a menu for usage. Mine says 313 MB sent and 1.4 GB received on just 10 days and 8 hours, and I'm not really watching any videos on this thing.

Screw AT&T, screw Steve Mobs. Hello HTC EVO.