How to Do a Fake iPhone 2 In Five Easy Steps

It's Do your Fake iPhone 2 Leaked Photos Season, and everyone is trying to trick everyone else with crappy, noisy, allegedly-leaked images. But why read about stupid rumors when you can make your own—and even send them to our contest? "How" you ask? Easy, just follow the easy 5-step tutorial after the jump, and get some inspiration from some examples I've made just for you (warning, my dog's genitals may be NSFW in the Great State of Minnesota).


Before starting, you need the material. Grab the mandatory high-resolution image from Apple, and resize it to low resolution (like 600 pixels high) in Photoshop. Take a photo of any object in your hand, preferably of a size similar to the iPhone and black (not obligatory, as you can see in the samples.)


Now, follow these steps:

1. Copy the front of the iPhone minus the borders.

2. Paste the iPhone image on the photo of the object serving as the base of your fake.

3. Use the Distort or Warp tools (under the Edit menu) to adjust the image size and perspective to match the base object (optional: if necessary, add a mask to blend the borders of the pasted iPhone with the base surface).

4. Add noise to your image (under the Filter > Noise menu.) Choose Gaussian, color noise. Select a good amount but not excessive.

5. Apply Gaussian blur (under the Filter > Blur menu). Again, not a lot, just enough to make it craptastically rumor-worthy.


You are done. Now save to JPEG using a low quality setting—to add even more realism to the stolen nature of the image, and eliminate any errors caused by your lousy Photoshop skills—and you are done. Then, send to your least favorite blog. Yes. You know exactly where.

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