How To Enable MMS on iPhone 2G, Tethering on OS 3.1.2

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What better way to kick off the week than with two questionably safe iPhone hacks, each of which scratches a particular nagging itch: the first being lack of MMS on 2G iPhones, and the second being tethering on OS 3.1.2.


The hacks are pretty hardcore, and demand not just a jailbroken iPhone, but a working knowledge of the handset's operating system internals. Basically, I wouldn't recommend anyone who enjoys having a not-bricked iPhone try either one. Anyway! The former comes by way of the Hackint0sh forums, courtesy of user Whiterat:

1. Backup original CommCenter (goes without saying...)
2. Replace CommCenter in: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreTelephony.framework/Support/ with a patched one.
3. Chmod the new CommCenter to 755
4. Open /System/Library/CoreServices/ and insert a true boolean value for "mms" under capabilities


and the latter, from the Dev Team Wiki, step-ified by The Beat Mix (the instructions are too long to include here; just check them out at the link).

If they're soooooo dangerous, then why even mention them? Because in their respective forums, the chatter around the hacks is that they'll make their way to the Cydia jailbreak app store before too long, and both be installable with little more than a tap. [MuscleNerd's Twitter via 9to5Mac]

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Anyone know if there is a successor to Tricker 3G? Or anything to allow use of Slingplayer over 3G? #iphonemms