How to Follow Gizmodo Nerds on Twitter

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If you really want to get to know Team Gizmodo, we're all on Twitter. You can think of it as Gizmodo unfiltered. With up to date links to our stories, hot gadget action, 140 character insights, and pictures of sandwiches.

Any serious Gizmodo fan will want to follow everyone below. We give good Twitter. If you're logged into Twitter, all you need to do is click the button labeled "follow" on any of the individual tweets, sweetheart.

Joe Brown


Joe is our captain. He's the reason we all get up in the morning; the joy that fill our hearts and the smile upon our lips. Beyond that, he's one of the greatest technology journalists of the past twenty years. And if I don't say all that I'm fired. Follow Joe for top-level tweets about the best of Gizmodo and the Web. And stuff about motorcycles. And meat. Sometimes knives. And very occasionally: razor sharp meat motorcycles.

Brian Barrett

Brian hates Pandas. But you'd never know that from his Twitter feed, which is actually quite delightful, and not at all the kind of thing you'd expect from a panda-hating maniac who probably also is bitter about raccoons.


Harry Sawyers


Harry has a taste for the finer things in life, including babies and power drills. Follow him for tweets about how his life is invariably better than yours.

Jesus Diaz


Jesus is forever sending us hateful emails, explaining why this or that post's art is terrible. But that's okay, because it's true! And he hates because he loves. But it's hard to pay attention because I'm always so busy stalking him on twootertwatter.

Sam Biddle


Ladies, Sam frequently embeds location into his tweets and often tweets from home. Just sayin'

Casey Chan


Casey may or may not have learned to Dougie in 2011. He does not tweet pictures of food. He has fabulous hair, and knows where to score cool sneakers. He tweets a lot about sports and keeps an illegal big cat in his LES apartment that he hopes the city will only discover after he dies.

Adrian Covert


Adrian is, like, really really good-looking. He also has strong opinions on music, which he tends to cover for us a lot. And he's quite handsome. You can learn a lot by following this beautiful man's feed, who is both gorgeous and nice-to-look-at.

Michael Hession


Hesh is our video ninja. He's so crazy busy he can't even concentrate on how beautiful his videos are. Don't even get me started on his tweets.

Leslie Horn


Leslie is from Texas, and when she tells you this her voice slips into a terrifying southern drawl. Then she produces a lovely sheet of cookies for all of us to eat. Her tweets are rarely about baking or Texas.

Eric Limer


Eric recently joined our team to man the weekend shift. We hired him for his excellent knowledge of technology products and how to solve computer issues. Luckily, the technical problems on the weekend aren't as bad as they are during the week.

Andrew Liszewski


Although seldom drunk, Andrew is actually Canadian. And although he writes his north-of-the-border tweets in Canadian, they're still pretty easy for Americans to understand, and are surprisingly light on hockey and beer references. He also tweets a lot of sweet YouTube videos.

Molly Oswaks


Molly has the most terrifying and evil cat in the world. It can disable writers in a single bound. But sometimes that furry beast is just soooo adorable. Follow Molly for wonderful cat photos—and maybe some interesting tidbits about technology.

Brent Rose


Brent has a multiple personality disorder. Not kidding. It's why we all call him Ace. Well, that and his awesome reporting from places like NASA, San Quentin, and the World Penis Pump Acceptance Institute.

Mario Aguilar


Mario writes slow but tweets fast. Also, I'm pretty sure he's the unhealthiest person at Giz. Which is quite a feat. Mario? Mario? Are you breathing? Oh, nevermind, he's fine. I just saw some smoke come out of his nostrils.

Kyle Wagner


Kyle gave us his Twitter password because he thought it would help him, but we changed it, tweeted a bunch of embarrassing stuff. So, while Kyle does tweet from here, you never really know if its him or not. If you only follow one account, make it this one, because it's all of us.

Jamie Condliffe


Jamie is a very smart person who is also British. Try reading all his tweets in the voice of Margaret Thatcher. Or in the voice of Meryl Streep playing Margaret Thatcher, because who remembers Thatcher? Jamie does, he's old!

Andrew Tarantola


Andy Andy Andy. The most mysterious man at Gizmodo: once political, sometimes excitable, always knowledgeable about gardening. And no, that is not a weed reference: Dude knows how to scape the land. Other areas of uncommon knowledge: Anime, terrifying machinery, and, well, yeah: weed. His twitter stream is a kaleidoscope of arcana. A jeweled box full of conversation starters.

Christopher Mascari


Fuck you Mascari. Don't follow this guy.

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