How To Get 50GB of Free Dropbox Storage

If you've had your eyes on the new Samsung Galaxy Note II, or have been pining for the Samsung Galaxy Camera, they just got a little more appealing. Dropbox will be offering a free 50GB account to anyone who buys either of those devices.

All a user has to do to get access to that sweet, sweet cloud space is register the device in question right out of the box. The account will be free for two years, and as a bonus feature available for the first time, the Note II will actually be able to sync all its photos and videos to the cloud through the built-in Gallery app. It's automatic, free cloud backup.


It's worth noting that Dropbox offered a similar deal with the Galaxy S III, but that got smacked down in the U.S. thanks to carriers like AT&T and Verizon. Things look good this time around, so far, but carriers could get pissy again. Hopefully they won't because 50 free gigs is a great deal, if you can actually get it. [ZDNet]

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