How To Get New Twitter

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Twitter rolled out a newly-designed interface for its mobile and web apps yesterday. It's very different! The Web version hasn't gone out to everyone yet, but there's a simple way to get it if you want it.


According to Twitter's Carolyn Penner Twitter's, all you need to do to get the new version of Twitter for the Web is to install the new version of Twitter on your iPhone or Android device. Once your account is linked there, when you log into the Website the next time, you should have new Twitter too. Or as everyone is calling it on Twitter, #NewNewTwitter. (Oh, Twitter.)

Here's the confirmation from Penner, using, um, #NewNewTwitter's new-new embedded tweets feature no less.:



Well that's annoying. The iPad version was updated to 4.0, but we don't get the PC version of Twitter for using it on the iPad. BOOOO! HIISSSSSSS!