How To Get Out Of Your Cellphone Contract By "Moving"

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With all the recent news about getting out of your cellphone plan from a txt message change, we're reminded of another method we've heard. The trick? To move to an area where that provider has no coverage.


Reader Applejuice (not to mention other people we've heard from) had a friend who got out of her contract by saying she was relocating to a part of Alaska that didn't have Sprint coverage.

By "moving" to a non-covered location, you can easily call up Sprint, Verizon or T-Mobile and get out of your contract without paying a termination fee. Of course, we're not entirely sure it'll work if you "move" instead of actually move, since the company may demand to see some utility bills with your name on it. Worth a try though, if you're insistent and firm, but not rude.

Thanks Applejuice



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