How to Install the iPhone 2.0 Update Right Now

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The iPhone 2.0 update, which will let you install those fancy apps, is live right now, but you have to install it on your iPhone manually. It's easy though. Click here to download the iPhone 2.0 firmware. Then in iTunes, hold down the option key while clicking "Check for Update", but don't forget to make that one-time back up first, or you'll lose all your data. We've tested it, and it's all good. If you wanna wait 'til it's super automatic, that's cool too, it shouldn't be too long now. iPod touch owners have to wait until it's onsale for $9.95 though. Note: Unlocked phones will brick out if you install the 2.0 update. [Apple via Mac Rumors]


OK, like some people, my formerly jailbroken iPhone 1.1.4 was upgraded to 2.0 without a problem (took a crap load of time ... maybe 10 minutes or so). Currently re-syncing everything including the 10 or so apps that I'd d/led for this occasion ;-)