How To Make 3D Glasses Cookies

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You can have your 3D glasses and eat them too, if you just follow this easy recipe over at Diamonds for Dessert for stained-glass glasses. It goes without saying, but they cost a lot less than $150 per pair. [DfD]


Unless you are viewing the old 1953 comics which used cherry red/lime green lens, the green lens in the cookie would not be a good idea with modern 3D comics. A light cyan blue lens is better, like found on the best two anaglyphic glasses available, ProAna and ProView. I have a large collection of 3D comics and magazines (old and new), and those cookie glasses wouldn't view them very well with all of the lens wrinkles. Would be like crumpling up a pair of low quality paper specs and trying to read or view some 3D images. The cookies might be fun for a decoration item though, like on a cake for 3D fan. Probably wouldn't fit on anyone's face without breaking anyway.