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Tilt-shift photography is cool, if painfully hip. While there are plenty of ways to give it a go, if you're particularly cheap or like a challenge, you can always hack your DSLR to achieve the tilt-shift effect.


Over at Do-It-Yourself Photography, Maciej Pietuszynski explains how to create your own tilt-shift set-up using a shower head and rubber glove. OK, so you'll also need a lens — he uses a 50mm/1.8 prime — but otherwise, this hack uses things that could well be lying around your home. If you're comfortable cutting a pipe with a hacksaw and disassembling a perfectly good lens, then go for it.


You can see how well it works in Pietuszynski 's Flickr gallery. I for one am impressed. Of course, if you're not feeling that adventurous, you could stump up some cash and invest in some Lensbaby kit. [DIYP via MAKE]

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