Illustration for article titled Screw Digital Filters: Make Awesome Tilt-Shift Photos the Real Way

Take your Instagram hexes and throw them in the TRASH! Just kidding, Instagram, we still love you. But why mess with pixel fakery when you could make rad tilt-shift photos with a rad tilt-shift camera? That's right: dedicated hardware distortion.


Photojojo's Tilt-Shift Camera has a built-in angled lens to create that awesome miniature toy elf village effect—no software manipulation necessary. The cam's nothing special beyond its nifty lens (5 MP stills, VGA video)—but come on, it's tilt-shifty. And for $150, you can totally get away with buying this as a small novelty cam to bring along when you feel like making ants of the real world. [Photojojo]

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