How to Manage the Onslaught of Data Produced by RED Epic Cameras

RED Epic cameras are the bees' knees in camera tech, but their data throughput makes using typical storage options seem like filling a water balloon with a fire hose. Vincent Laforet gives us a look at how his team handles the deluge.


Shooting on the RED Epic in full 5k resolution eats up a preposterous 3-5 GB per minute. They also shot with a Hasselblad H4D, EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 7D, and EOS 1D Mark IV, each of which shot RAW images at about 40MP each. Their workflow is really impressive—and informative—but I can't help but imagine them blowing through those 128GB SSDs and tossing them aside like empty clips in a Stallone movie. [Vincent Laforet]

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I have the solution on how to deal with all that data flow, don't shoot with a Red anything.

You know something has gone wrong in the world when videos of work flow are right up there with videos of film trailers.

I'm a big huge believer in developing your craft to the the highest level possible, shoot film and let the post house deal with data flow volume NOT the DP ON THE SET!!! And don't let the DP force the production company into spending thousands of dollars on equipment and extra people, just because they want to be hip to the new stuff. That would be the stuff the production company is being forced into paying for, maybe it will work maybe not, DP moves on, production company not so much.

There, solved.