How To Pick the Right Android Keyboard For YOU

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There are tons of ways to tap text into your Android (y'know, when you're not just talking to it). CareAce looked at the stock 2.1 keyboard, Better, Swype Beta, TouchPal, SwiftKey Beta, and ThickButtons and sorted out what's what.


Their helpful guide will point out, for example, that Swype is well suited for "people who hate using two hands to type," while ThickButtons, unsurprisingly, is the best choice for someone with ThickThumbs.

ANYWAY, speaking of Swype, they're letting us give away 30 beta invites—if you're interested, send an email to with "Swype Please!" as the subject line. We'll pick 30 at random and you'll be swiping in no time. [CareAce]



Swype or nothing.

At one point my Swype Beta expired and I couldn't get a replacement for a few days, and reverting back to the Stock or HTC keyboards was a similar experience to having a broken screen - my phone was rendered essentially useless. I couldn't manage to do anything on it without getting extremely frustrated.

Google just needs to buy Swype and use them as the default Android keyboard.