How To Repair Your Xbox 360 In 4 Easy Steps

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1. Call 1-800-4-MY-XBOX

2. Demand your reference number ASAP.

3. Call escalated support at 866-506-3826.

4. Speak to someone who can actually help.


Make sure to write this down. You're gonna need it. [consumerist]


I just got the RROD a couple days ago after having the console since January 2006. Actually died trying to start up GTAIV for the first time. Anyway, I had already voided my warranty by putting new "silent" fans in about a year ago. So, I fixed the RROD myself. Inspired by the towel trick and the hot air gun method, I removed the motherboard and placed it in the oven, gradually increasing the temperature up to 350 F over about 20 minutes. The key is to melt the solder on the board, but I wanted to make sure I didn't smell any burning plastic. After it cooled down, I put it back together, and my 360 is working beautifully again. It's still noisy though, damnit.