How to Replicate Wired's Kegerator

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Wired's iPhone-themed DIY kegerator is the stuff of legend: An unwanted fridge became a moving, gadget-filled beer dispenser of the highest caliber. This video shows that it's also a pretty easy (if expensive) undertaking.

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The kegerator features an iPhone-like array of "apps," including a CO2 gauge, the "Tap Store" where different beers are selected, and a temperature gauge (the fridge is kept at 37 degrees for a perfect frosty brew). It actually looks like a project that's conceivably doable by a group of dedicated beer-lovers, even if they don't work for a tech magazine. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to scour the Craigslist free listings for refrigerators. [Wired]

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Broken Machine

Awww... the CO2 level "app" and Thermometer "app" appear to be just graphics.... they couldn't make these things real?

The paintjob/graphics is the real kicker - I mean everyone knows someone or at least a friend of a friend with a kegerator.