How to Save Money On Your AT&T iPhone Bill Right Now

Oh, those nice people at AT&T, always thinking about us: If you have an iPhone rate plan other than the Unlimited, you can now save some dollars. However, it's not automatic. Update: False alarm, there's no change in pricing.

If you have the Nation 450 with rollover you can save $6 per month. If you have the Nation 1350, the saving goes up to $12. Not a lot, but better than nothing. The only caveat is that you may lose any rollover minutes accumulated to day when changing to the new plan. Yes, dear readers, there's always a catch with AT&T.


To get into the new plans you will have to opt-in going to their web page or talking with them on the phone after dealing with their phone defense bots. [TUAW]

Nevermind, TUAW just updated and corrected their mistake. This seems to either be a corporate discount, or an old discount, or an old corporate discount.

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