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How to Save the Tired Angry Birds Game: Add an NFC Hurdle

Illustration for article titled How to Save the Tired Angry Birds Game: Add an NFC Hurdle

Let's face it—we all finished Angry Birds eons ago, and are quite frankly utterly bored of hearing latecomers banging on about it. Rovio's quit making holiday spin-off versions of the game for a second, and added a genuinely interesting NFC twist. It's just a shame you need a Nokia phone to play it, really.


The new feature will be included in a pre-loaded Angry Birds Magic game on Nokia C7 handsets, which will be able to bump together and use NFC to unlock levels and take on the pigs together. I'm sure Rovio will expand this feature beyond Nokia handsets, so don't go jumping ship to Symbian just yet, Android fans. [Nokia Conversations via TechRadar]

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how can you have finished angry birds seasons long ago when the easter version just came out??

no really though, some of us are still playing catch up (and don't have hours a week to devote to the game)