How To Start Up a Boeing 737 Step By Step

Planning to steal a Boeing 737 or an Airbus A320? Pranas Drulis at the Baltic Aviation Academy got you covered: these videos show how to start up these planes from cold to ready to taxi, step by step.


Anyway, what happened to the days of jumping into a B-17 and shouting "Start up those mothers! Let's flatten some Nazi factories!" and off you went. I bet that was a lot more fun than this—until the Messerschmitts started to shoot at you, that is. [Baltic Aviation Academy via Flight Global]



I really don't understand why there are so many nobs and dials on planes. It seems to me that the whole thing is really convoluted. In my mind much of this could be done with touch screens. Using the touch screen would also make it easier for pilots to be made aware of equipment failure and emergencies (instead of having to notice some little light)

I also wonder why there is no use of cameras on planes. For example wouldn't it be handy for pilots to have a video monitor showing them the passengers in the cabin? It wouldn't even need to record. Just a live video feed of the cabin. Then there's the issue of this cockpit voice recorder nonsense. There's no reason that we should be recording only sounds when the technology exist to do live streaming video and data between the flight crew and the tower or authorities. We wouldn't need to do all of these expensive investigations after a crash if we could just monitor everything remotely.

I know that the pilots unions have opposed many of these measures, but's time to start utilizing existing technology.