Most of the times the classic MySpace self-portrait is trashy. Some times they're accidentally hilarious. With this Photoshop trick, they can be mind numbingly, body trippingly awesome. That's because it's a mirrored self-portrait of you... without the camera in the picture.


After figuring out how to do this, you're definitely going to confuse a few good people when they see your MySpace pic without a camera in sight. How did you do that? You're such a good photographer. Let's be friends... on Facebook. Little do they know the trick is totally simple (well, if you're not Photoshop illiterate).

Basically, you're combining three separate pictures (of your left arm, right arm and face) into one composite image. First, you put your left hand against the mirror and take a picture with your right arm holding the camera over your face. Then you do it again with your right arm on the mirror and your left arm holding the camera over your face. And then finally you take a picture of yourself from the chest (to show your face). Be mindful to not move too much during each picture.

Put those three pictures in Photoshop and layer the pictures of your left arm and right arm on top of each other. Use a layer mask to remove half of one of the pictures (so the other picture blends together) and then layer mask the picture of your head on top so the camera blocked face disappears. And then look ma, no cams. It's the magic of photoshop! Read the full guide of how to do this at ExpertPhotography and Gear Side Creative and let's see if you guys can do this in the comments. [Gear Side Creative via ExpertPhotography via PetaPixel]


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