How to Train Future Criminals: Line 'Em Up to Get Pepper Sprayed

This is a cop training video, showing future pepper spray wielders the pain and reality of getting sprayed. But a more sinister interpretation could be that future criminals are growing tolerant to pepper spray so no one can stop them.


What a miserable part of the job description, either way. [BuzzFeed]

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Pepper spray is just plain annoying but I just recently watched someone get tazered the other day. He ripped them off and was able to fight back against 5 police officers attempting to restrain him. The same officer used a second cartridge and still nothing. He just ended up pressing the tazer gun against him until all 5 of the cops were able to finally hold him down, one on each limb and one on the head.

If anything it pissed the patient off more. Psychosis is a bitch. Don't worry the patient didn't die. The cops were worried about 'excited delirium'(aka feel better about excessive force).

Wonder what a little pepper spray would be like on some steak?