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How to Use One of iTunes' Best Features in Google Play Music

Illustration for article titled How to Use One of iTunes Best Features in Google Play Music

One great feature we lost in the transition from iTunes to all-you-can-eat streaming services is the smart playlist. When you have 30 million tracks to choose from, queueing up everything you’ve not heard for six months makes less sense. Thankfully, you can bring the feature to Google Play Music with a simple Chrome extension.


It’s called Autoplaylists for Google Music and it works just like the smart playlists in iTunes. Set up your criteria, sort order, and track limit, and the add-on takes care of the rest. You get one auto-playlist for free and if you need more you can subscribe to the service for a couple of dollars a month.

With the playlist generator installed, click its icon and get to work. Everything is self-explanatory (the instructions below the playlist fields and the FAQ can help), and with a quick refresh of the browser your playlist appears. Keep the browser tab open for best results. The playlists auto-update and sync across browsers.


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