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How to View the US Gizmodo From Anywhere

Illustration for article titled How to View the US Gizmodo From Anywhere

If you're traveling overseas to Japan, the UK, Brazil or Australia and try to access Gizmodo, you'll get the local version to that country. Here's how to get the regular US site.


The first method is to manually visit, which will show you the US site no matter where you are.

The second is to go to and log into your commenter account. If you don't already have one, the instructions on how to sign up are down at the bottom of each post page, next to where you comment. As long as you're logged into the site and your cookie is fresh, you'll always be directed to the US site, even if you just type in

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Carlos Bacco

The redirection is broken again. I can’t access anymore, I’m being redirected to the brazilian wannabe version (that, by the way, will be added to my content blocker soon).