How To Watch Every TV Ad Apple Has Ever Made

Feel like taking a little trip back in tech time? What better way to do that than to watch a whole bunch of ridiculously old ads? The appropriately named YouTuber EveryAppleAds can help you out with just that, and put together this playlist that claims to include every Apple ad for TV. Ever.

It's a neat idea in theory, but actually hunkering down to watch more than a few of these is probably a pretty serious time commitment, especially considering the whole list is 485 videos long. It's definitely interesting to take a sampling however, and get a feel for how much things have changed from the past to the present. So take a look, and see what kind of retro gems you might be able to find. But remember, old Apple ads aren't the only old ads worth watching. [YouTube via The Verge]

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Common Giz! Site your sources when you take an article, you stole this from Gizmodo, they posted it a couple of da.... wait a sec.