Hopefully we’ll also get some answers about why Facebook didn’t roll out that new privacy page yesterday like it promised. Multiple emails from Gizmodo to Facebook have not been answered.


Don’t forget to grab your Bingo cards before the testimony starts.


Some of the major broadcast networks will be streaming Zuckerberg’s Senate testimony for free on YouTube:


And oddly enough, there are some ways to watch Zuckerberg’s testimony today on Facebook, though Facebook itself isn’t offering an official feed from Capitol Hill.

Reuters TV

Reuters TV has a number of free options for watching the Facebook testimony on devices like Apple TV and Roku.



CNN has options for watching the US Senate testimony on various devices using CNN Go, but you’ll need to have a cable subscription to access them.


Virtual Reality

Do you have a VR headset that your boss wouldn’t mind you whipping out in the middle of the work day? Well, you’re in luck. Because AltspaceVR is hosting a livestream that you can watch with your Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, or Oculus Rift.


The hearing is scheduled for roughly two hours and senators try to keep a tight schedule just in case members have other things to do during the day. The whole thing should be wrapped up by 4:15pm Eastern time.


The joint hearing this afternoon is in front of the US Senate Judiciary and Commerce committees, but it’s not going to be the Facebook CEO’s last. Zuckerberg is scheduled to testify tomorrow in front of theUS House Energy and Commerce committee starting at 10am Eastern.

If photos from Zuck’s pre-meetings with legislators yesterday are any indication, he’s not too happy about any of this. But he’s getting plenty of coaching, including advise from one of George W. Bush’s former advisors. The strategy? Being humble and charming. We’ll see if Zuck can pull it off.