How To Watch Tesla's New Car Event Tonight

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At 11PM Eastern tonight, Elon Musk is revealing the Tesla Model X, a $100,000+ electric SUV with no real-world emissions and the speed of a greased penguin on ice. Here’s how to watch the big event.

Tesla will be livestreaming the event, starting at 11PM Eastern/8PM Pacific (assuming Elon is on time tonight). If you don’t feel like tuning in, we’ll have all the news and our own bums-in-seats impressions on the site. In the meantime, sit back, pop the corn, and read about what you can expect.



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Have Jeep, will travel.

No real world emissions? Where does electricity come from? Or lithium? Or batteries? This electric car is emissionless shit needs to stop. It just relocates the emissions to someone elses backyard.