How to Watch Tonight's Democratic Debates

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Tonight! 8:30 pm ET! Hillary Clinton faces off against Bernie Sanders! And also those other guys! How might you be able to watch such an event?

The five Democratic contenders have agreed to meet at the Wynn casino in Las Vegas this evening to have a nuanced discussion about Clinton’s email practices. How can you tune in? There are many ways to watch.

Watch CNN on cable

Since it’s CNN’s debate, CNN will of course be broadcasting the debate for those who are #blessed enough to pay for cable. The show starts at 8:30 pm ET/5:30 pm PT.


Download the CNNgo app

If you pay for cable but aren’t near your TV, you can download the CNNgo app for your mobile device or Apple TV. You can also use CNNgo to watch it later, if you have plans tonight.

Stream on

CNN has heard our prayers and will offer a livestream of the debate on, which will be available “without logging in” according to CNN. The stream will kick off at 8pm ET/5pm PT.


Read Trump “Doing Twitter”


If all else fails, and truly, if all else fails, you can watch Donald Trump’s assistant dutifully upload his self-tagging racist missives.

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I will go out and buy a hat and eat it if after there is a post that mocks Democrats and actual Democrats come out in force and complain that the site is picking on their party.


I only say this cause it is annoying as hell to see Republicans do that for every single political article. And I doubt Dems would do the same in force the way Republicans on here do. Here’s a thought: Don’t click the link if you don’t care for what might be in it it. Nah, that’d be too adult like an action to take. Forget I said it.