How You Can Get a Fresh iPad for $100 (Updated)

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I love my iPad. It's the original model, bought on April 3, 2010. It's been working perfectly since then but the battery life was really bad, lasting only a couple of hours lately. It was exhausted. I had to replace it.

In the process, I got a fresh iPad 64GB at the Apple Store for just $100. The good news, you can get one too.

After so many charging cycles, my original iPad's battery was exhausted. It took forever to recharge and only a few hours to completely run out. I remember the days when I first got it. I could use it normally for a couple of days, watching at least two Netflix movies on it or browsing the web, running some apps and reading comic books.


I went to the Apple Store to ask for a battery replacement. But, as it turns out, you can't replace an iPad's battery. As the guy at the Apple Store's Genius Bar told me: "See? They don't have screws. We can't replace the battery."

Then he added: "If you want a new battery, we have to give you an entire new iPad."

How? My iPad was out of warranty. I didn't buy Apple Care. Furthermore, the iPad itself was broken on one side. One day I dropped it on the floor and the aluminum got quite chipped on one side.

He answered that this was no problem. I only have to pay $100 for the "battery." In return, they would give you a reconditioned iPad with the same storage size as yours, with a fresh battery inside.


So I did exactly that. I paid the hundred bucks and got back home with a perfect battery life and an iPad with no blemishes whatsoever. If your battery life is sketchy—which is probably the case if you bought it back in April 2010—you should go to an Apple store, pay your hundred and get a fresh new iPad on your hands.

And your old iPad doesn't go to waste. These get refurbished too. Any bad parts get replaced and go back into the cycle of Apple life.


Update: A former Genius shares his tips in the comments:

• You can do the same thing with any iPhone for $79, and most iPods for $69.

• Apple will replace an iPhone in almost any condition (the only exception being for devices that are literally broken into little pieces, or ones that are missing parts) for $199, even if it's liquid damaged or cracked.

• Apple will replace any OOW damaged iPad for around half the price.

• On an iPhone 4, if the back glass is cracked, an Apple employee can replace it for $29 in only about 5 minutes, also not a bad idea if your camera lens is scratched beyond repair

• If you restore your device before bringing it in, there are no usage records saved and they have to take your word for it that the battery is defective.


That's pretty good customer service indeed.

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gosh darn it. Another way that Apple is reconditioning the civies. When will you guys stop this Apple-knows-the-best for me and Apple-has-the-best-interest for me mentality. It's a defective if the battery runs out like this. I did test iPad 2 for 3 months for my organization. I did recommend it b/c it's convenient and battery life is longer than anything I have uesd in the past. I can even watch like 3~4 netflix movies. However, this just doesn't make a nit-wit sense to me. Your battery is out so here is the new reconditioned iPad for 100 bux. That's 100 bux that I am not willing to pay. I really hope the Android and Windows 8 can offer some viable alternatives to Apple products. I use Apple at home, but I won't support the company exclusively in my house hold. The OS is average and product quality is acceptable. It's not the second coming of Jesus Christ.