"How's Your Cervical Mucus?" Watch Orphan Black's Bonkers Blooper Reel

At today’s Orphan Black panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the cast and producers had a special treat for the audience: a blooper reel showing all the giggly weirdness that happens behind the scenes of the show. Plus, Donnie and Alison’s relationship reimagined as a horror movie, a sitcom, and a telenovela.


Up top, we get the blooper reel, and Kristian Bruun reading from Dyad’s self-monitoring chart is clearly the highlight. But wait, there’s more! BBC America created a series of goofy Orphan Black promos focusing on the Hendrixes. First, Orphan Black as a horror movie, titled Donnie & Allison 2: Seestra Sineestra:

Then the Hendrixes get a theme song for their sitcom Me and My Monitor!:

And finally, the Orphan Black telenovela Donnie y Alison: Las Drogas del Amor:

Oh, Donnie and Alison, you genre-benders you.



Sometimes I honestly forget that Tatiana Maslany is actually just one person. It is very disconcerting to see her being just her plain self in all the different clone personas.

Freaky deaky.