HP 2133 Mini-Note UMPC Reviewed (Verdict: Rich Man's Eee PC)

Reviews are pouring in of the HP 2133 sub-notebook (now dubbed the Mini-Note) which is now up on Amazon. It costs more than the Eee PC or Cloudbook, but you can actually configure all the specs yourself, and the aluminum chassis tells people you spent more on your ultraportable. It's a bit bulkier and heavier, but the screen's higher (1280x768) res means less strained peepers, and its full keyboard is way less crampy than the competition.


But the vertical mouse buttons are unnatural and lame. Performance-wise, it runs Vista without a hitch on 3 hours, 20 minutes of juice in high performance mode. Conclusion: If you need more (and Windows) from a sub-notebook, this might be your winner, you're willing to pay for it. [Laptop Mag, Notebooks.com, JKOntheRun]

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