HP and Apple Are Splitsville

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So I was at Martha's cause she just got a new bong and we were talking about H-P and Apple? And listen to this: Apple and H-P aren't going out because H-P got on top of Apple in Apple's mom's car like last Thursday and was all like "I love you" and Apple was so much like "EWWW" and like "DATE RAPE! EXCUSE ME!" So now HP is saying:

Ms. Fiorina was fired from HP in February. Following her departure, H-P began reviewing its agreement with Apple and top executives at the Palo Alto, Calif., company concluded that it wasn't a significant business for H-P, people familiar with the matter say.

So HP isn't going to sell iPods anymore and Apple is like dating IBM now anyway so who cares? And it ended up the Wall Street Journal and everything, but you know how hard it is to link to stuff in that Wall Street Journal. [Thanks, Justin]

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