HP Photosmart R967

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Though camera manufacturers are fond of saying these days that it's not about megapixels any more, don't believe them. HP refreshed its digital camera and printer lineup today with a slew of new offerings but what will likely grab most of the headlines is the Palo Alto-based company's new flagship compact digital camera — the 10-megapixel HP Photosmart R967. The 10MP R967 follows on the heels of the 10MP Casio EX-Z1000, released in April, which was the first compact digital camera to crack the 8MP barrier. Where the HP model eclipses the Casio is in LCD screen size — 3-inches versus 2.8. The HP Photosmart R967 also has a new feature called HP Steady Photo Anti-Shake mode that combines high-sensitivity ISOs with HP imaging technology to help prevent blurred photos. This isn't exactly new though with several other manufacturers offering similar technology with just mixed results.

The only other bell or whistle on the R967? An on-camera button that lets you order and share photos on Snapfish. Big whoops, right? Yeah, but maybe you forgot that this camera has 10 megapixels, 10 frickin' megapixels!