HP Says All's Fair in Love and DVD War

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Yes kiddies, that's right. More silliness in the war of the next-generation DVD format. Until recently, HP was a tried and true Blu-ray supporter, giving the Sony-based format a little extra zing from the computer side of things. But, all good things must come to an end and now, HP is playing both sides of the fence, announcing that it will also embrace HD-DVD (joining Microsoft and Intel). Et tu HP? One reason given for this turnabout is Sony's inability to support iHD technology (which allows for more interactive features and which appeals greatly to PC companies). Oh, well. Just one more nail in the coffin for those of us who have to decide which format to buy in the next few years. Thanks again guys, this is really helpful.

Sony's next generation Blu-ray DVD format hits a pothole [anandtech]


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