HP Updates Slimline Desktop With Dual Blu-ray/HD Player, Offers New Monitors

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HP is also dropping a pair of updated desktops and monitors for CES. First up, the HP Pavilion Slimline s3330f is a media-oriented machine, now with a sweet Dual Format Blu-Ray and HD-DVD player, plus a TV tuner and GeForce 8500 vid card with an HDMI port to connect to an HDTV. It comes in at under a grand, which is nice with the Dual Format HD drive.

The top of the HP brand is the Elite series, and the updated m9100 desktop is packed with an Intel Quad Core processor and up to a TB of storage, starting at $1160. The monitors are 24- and 22-inch widescreens, the w2408h (1920 x 1200 res) and 2207h (1680 x 1050), respectively, and they each come with HDMI ports and better, contrast-y ratios. They're also HDCP-enabled, the DRM scheme intended to block piracy of HD content at the video stream level. The w2408h will go for $500, or $350 for the 2207h.


Not a basket of brand brand, new but nice little updates nonetheless—the desktops and monitors will all be available next month.