HP's Darn Good All-in-One Gets a 3D Injection

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HP's TouchSmart series, perhaps in spite of its touch capability, are damn good all-in-one PCs, and a nice iMac alternative. Now it's inevitably 3D—active shutter glasses and a 3D webcam jazz up the multimedia desktop slab.


Design and spec-wise, HP's done nothing new with the TouchSmart 620 3D—and that's OK. The guts are capable enough ($1900 will land you a Core i5 processor, 8 GB of memory, a AMD Radeon HD 6650 GPU, and 1.5 TB of storage) and we still love the easy-slide design. Do you need 3D in your desktop? That's up to you—the dual-lens webcam action is probably more novelty than anything else, but if you see yourself watching 3D movies at your desk as opposed to on your couch, and are OK with active shutter shades, this might be a good fit for you. 3D video looked very fine to our eyes. Oh, right, and there's Beats Audio. Bass.

Unfortunately, the touch interface itself is still pretty janky—slow, unresponsive, and not entirely purposeful. But you can ignore that, and have yourself a very capable machine when it goes on sale next week. [HP]


Wow, it's like HP temporarily got off it's crazy pills and now it's back, like, nonchalantly talking about its PC business again.