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HQ Trivia's Last-Ditch Attempt to Win You Back Is More Cash Prizes—With Strings Attached

Illustration for article titled HQ Trivias Last-Ditch Attempt to Win You Back Is More Cash Prizes—With Strings Attached
Image: HQ Trivia (Twitter)

Those who still play HQ Trivia and plan to tune in for Season 4 may have more chances to win some of that sweet free cash. But there’s a catch. (Isn’t there always?)


According to Business Insider, if players are able to earn a cash bonus by correctly answering specific questions, they can opt to take home a smaller cash prize. But that means they then have to drop out of the game and can’t continue advancing to compete for the bigger pot (which, it’s worth noting, doesn’t always end up being so big).

Is this better? That probably depends on your knack for trivia, your tolerance for this game and its hosts, and whether you’re willing to test the odds. It also might depend on what the smaller cash prizes look like. Business Insider’s report didn’t specify, and HQ Trivia didn’t immediately return a request for comment.


That said, this seems like a markedly better option than points-based winnings. And quite frankly, this dumbass app can use all the help it can get as it continues to spiral both publicly and internally.

Earlier this year, the company’s Scott Rogowsky—a man who referred to himself as “Quiz Daddy” and who was largely regarded as the face of the brand—was replaced after asking the company to move to a more part-time role. Then, last month, TechCrunch reported that the company’s own staff tried to push out its controversial CEO Rus Yusupov on the grounds that he’s been running the company poorly.

That’s to say nothing of HQ’s falling numbers or ongoing complaints about bots or payout issues, among other controversies that have dogged the brand.


It’s clear HQ Trivia is mostly throwing shit at the wall at this point to see what sticks. But if I’m being honest, the company’s had worse ideas than promises of more free money for the remaining players who are still barely hanging on.

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I still play every day. I like trivia. If I never collect the $16.16 in my account, it won’t kill me. It’s you, Catie, that seem to have the problem.