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You won't see the HTC Muse until the end of 2006, but in the meantime, HTC has another smartphone for you. The 2125 runs Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone Edition. It's based on the HTC Faraday design and uses a TI OMAP 850 processor at 200MHz. Also included is 64MB of internal RAM and 64MB of built-in flash ROM for extra storage. A 2.2" color display, Bluetooth support and a 1.3-megapixel camera round out this nice package. Cingular says you'll get 4 hours of talk time out of its battery as well as 6 hours of standby. Goes for $200 with a 2-year contract and $100 rebate.


Cingular unveils HTC Faraday based 2125 Smartphone [Mobileburn]

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