HTC Muse Is Coming

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The HTC Muse is the latest HTC phone to come out and pack a huge punch in traditional HTC fashion. Designed as a music phone, the Muse will be running Windows Mobile 5.0, will be triband 3.5G (EDGE, UTMS, and more), and will feature a 65k color 240x240 screen. Aside from the lame screen, you get features out the ying yang. FM Radio, 4GB of flash memory for storing music plus an SD card slot if you need more, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and a 2.1MP camera with TV Out. Whew! 64MB of onboard RAM and a 416-Mhz processor power this "phone". Still drooling? Wipe off your mouth and straighten up because you won't be seeing this until at least the end of Q2 2006. No idea of what carrier will get this one, but we have a hunch it'll be Cingular.

Exclusive: HTC Muse unveiled [MS Mobiles]

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