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HTC Legend, Desire and HD Mini UK Pricing and Availability

HTC swept the show with the sexy Legend, well-specced Desire and rugged WinMo HD Mini, and while US availability hasn't been confirmed yet we can let our UK readers in on the good news. All phones will hit eXpansys on the 12th of April, with the HD Mini at £349.99, the Legend at £399.99 and Desire at £449.99.


Alternatively, T-Mobile and Orange will be flogging the Desire, with carriers for the Legend and HD Mini not yet confirmed. [eXpansys]

UPDATE: Commenter Hearthatvoiceagain tells me O2 and Vodafone will also have the Desire. As will 3 Mobile—it's turning into quite a free-for-all type handset. Anyone got news on the Legend or HD Mini?

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I'm glad the Desire is coming to Orange UK, I'm due an upgrade right about when it comes out, but I'm torn between the Desire and the HD2 considering it might get an upgrade to WinPho7. Any advice on which to pick?