HTC HD Mini Runs Windows Mobile 6.5.3, Has Secret Yellow Back

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One phone that didn't get leaked to death before the announcement was HTC's HD Mini. After yesterday's WinPho7 launch, Windows Mobile 6.5.3 may seem tired, but the hardware on this industrial wonder is anything but.

I mentioned the word "industrial," which is possibly the best word I can think of it. If the Legend is the sexy younger sister, and the Desire is the brainy older sister, then the HD Mini is the younger emo brother. With visible screws on each corner of the back, it's rugged, hard and very manly, almost giving the Droid a run for its money. It may not be powered by Android, but I still think this phone is worth your attention—at least, until Windows Phone Series 7 launches.


Photos courtesy of our friends at ElectricPig

Specs-wise, the 3.2-inch capacitive HVGA screen has 320 X 480 pixels, a 600Mhz processor has been used, and RAM and ROM are at 384MB and 512MB respectively. The camera is the typical 5.0-megapixel autofocus/flash affair, and Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi are included—you can actually turn the phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot, like with the HD2.


Here's a video from Recombu, who deemed it "small and slightly pointless." But only slightly!

Slicked over Windows Mobile is HTC Sense, which makes it bearable, but with Windows Phone 7 Series just around the corner, the HD Mini may just find it's the slightly-emo stepchild.