HTC Touch Windows Mobile Smartphone Coming to Verizon

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If you Verizon customers were peeking enviously over the fence at the HTC Touch on Sprint, you won't have to peek much longer. According to a Howard Forums user (who apparently took this shot at the UT Starcom booth at CES), the HTC Touch will be headed to Verizon as the XV6900 soon. It'll be white, and it'll be slightly thinner than the Sprint version of the phone. In the end, however, it's still the same Windows Mobile phone that's not all that great to use (unless you load PointUI on it.) [Hofo via Crunchgear]


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DJ Squibbles

Whtie phone? Humbug. I've never really been a big fan of white electronics, for whatever reason.

I'd be more interested if it came out in black or silver. Guess I'll hold out for that Sammy dumbphone (full slideout QWERTY, touchscreen) that's allegedly coming in Q2.