HTC TyTN II Gets Windows Mobile 6.1 Update, AT&T Tilt Soon

Illustration for article titled HTC TyTN II Gets Windows Mobile 6.1 Update, ATT Tilt Soon

HTC's TyTN II, the Euro/whitebox version of AT&T's Tilt, just officially got updated to Windows Mobile 6.1. While you could put the update on a Tilt if you were seriously jonesing for WinMo 6.1, it would wipe out all the AT&T stuff and give you a regular HTC phone. Besides, it'll start rolling out to branded phones like the Tilt soon, probably in a matter of weeks. [HTC]


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@marm0lade: Without promotion by Feist, John Mayer, or a dark Front-Row like keynote address, I fail to see what the fuss is about.