HTC's Cheap Android Phone On Video, Looking Surprisingly Not Cheap

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Android phones: Still expensive! At least, until the Click, HTC's rumored first budget Android phone, hits the market. Here, a member of Tinhte gives the Click a timid whirl, and to be honest, Android's cut-rate future doesn't look so bad.


The Click's most distinctive difference from the G1 and MyTouch, besides its old-style HTC shell and terrible aftermarket engraving, is its screen size, which isn't really apparent until you see it next to its bigger brother. Aside from that, it doesn't look like the Click cuts to many corners—I'm seeing a 3.5mm jack, GSM compatibility, and Donut—and the handset looks like a fine piece of Android hardware—especially if it hits a $100, or even better, $0 price point, which it probably could, if it tried.

Update: Yes, the demo dude has extraneous appendage on his right hand. Carry on! [Tinhte via Slashgear]