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HTC's First 10-inch Tablet Is the Operatic Puccini

Illustration for article titled HTCs First 10-inch Tablet Is the Operatic Puccini

If you didn't like HTC's View, their next stab at tablet-dom might stylus your fancy: the 10-inch Puccini is the first of its size from the company, and BGR's got first pics.


The Puccini's got stylus support yet again (ugh), but is rumored to be filled with Honeycomb, instead of the View's subpar Gingerbread stuffing. Spec speculation is thin, but BGR claims a 1.5 Ghz processor, 8 MP camera, and 4G magics. No info on a launch date, alas. [BGR]

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I actually really love stylus support. as a man in college and also an artist, it gives me not only a place to jot down notes, but it now becomes a replacement to my analog sketchbook.

however, from what I heard about htc's last stylus tablet, I';m less then thrilled. people were only allowed to use it in certain apps, and none of them were very good. Give me stylus support for Autodesk sketchbook mobile and a decent note taking app and I'll buy it in a heartbeat.

I'd really love for a tablet manufacturer to get wacom behind their tech. A samsung tab with a wacom pen? drool.