HTC's Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade Roadmap Shows at Least a June Wait

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Most of us with Windows Mobile smartphones made by HTC are still waiting for the official WM6 upgrade ROMs before upgrading. After all, walking up to the store with a bricked phone made by some ROM we found on the Net isn't our idea of a good time. Good news, as HTC's just released their upgrade path.

If you're using the HTC TyTN, the 620, the P4350, P330 or the Advantage, upgrades will be rolled out on their site starting June. But if you're in the US, you may have to wait longer, as HTC has to hand off the upgrades to the provider for them to brand and certify first before propagating them to you.

Ufficiale: HTC rilascia gratis WM 6, ma non per tutti i PDA [Solopalmari - Thanks Mike!]