'Hulu For Magazines' Coming Early 2011, Only For Android

Next Issue Media, the tablet magazine storefront from the superfriends of publishing (Conde Nast, Time Inc, Hearst, Meredith, News Corp) will launch in early 2011 according to CEO Morgan Guenther, but it will only be available on Android devices at the outset. "We're ready to support Apple as well," Guenther says, but presumably Apple hasn't been quite as flexible in negotiations as Google has been. Oh well [All Things D]

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None of this fixes the fundamental problem with Magazines, that all the information inside of it is old by the time it hits the presses. If you really wanted to see the latest trends in fashion, gaming, tech, whatever, there's a million blogs out there that will state that information faster. The only thing that magazines can offer that those blogs often cannot are interviews with people relevant to the magazine's field. Even those aren't a saving grace though since everyone of those people have twitter accounts and facebook fan profile pages.

I think that the only magazines that should survive are the ones who are producing exceptional content that simply cannot be produced by anyone outside of a large company, so say The Economist and periodicals of the like. Things like Wired, however, simply aren't meant to be.