Hulu Has a New Video Games Channel

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Expanding its reach ever so slightly from TV and Movies, Hulu now has a video games hub, which will feature trailers, reviews and gameplay footage for numerous games. And while that doesn't inspire awe quite yet, it could someday become home to a solid collection of video tips and walkthroughs. [Hulu]



When I read the title, I thought it was going to be for play-throughs. I always thought it would be cool for there to be a place like YouTube where I could go and just watch the full play-through of a game. You know, no dialog from the person playing, no dieing (that isn't part of the story), no excessive load time.... Just the game being played all the way through. (Not speed-runs, either. You get to see the game, but you don't get to enjoy the story unless you already know what's going on.)

There are some games that I want to see the story progress and unfold, but I don't care for it enough to play.

Am I the only who'd like this?