Our lives our filled with aggregators meant to make finding what we're actually looking for a bit easier. Unfortunately, most of these just aggravate the process. This, week, though we offer a few apps to help browsing and, forgive us, "curating" your info a pleasant and, dare I say it, fun process.

Hulu Plus: It's been a long time since we've last seen any sort of major update to Hulu Plus's iPad app. And thankfully, its newest incarnation has been completely redesigned from the ground up. And as any and all streaming apps are wont to do these days, the redesign puts a major focus on discovery. Whenever you see a thumbnail of a show or movie that might be unfamiliar to you, just tap the image and you'll be zapped into the brand new "discover panel." Here, you'll get info on both shows and their individual episodes in addition to a selection of content picked special, just for you.

Wikiweb: Wikipedia is stuffed full of mind-blowing amounts of information that youcan't even begin to dream of reading. With Wikiweb, though, at least the parts you do get to will be easily navigable, clean, and with a clever new way of laying out information for you. Anything you search will be presented to you as a single dot, which you can then swipe left and right from to find related articles. The really cool part, though, is that tapping search again brings you into an awesome, mind-map mode of discovery that shows you your topic and all the related ones on a giant, interconnected web. [$5]

Instafeed: For anyone whose guilty pleasure include following various celebrities, artists, brands, enthusiasts, etc. on Instagram, you've also probably gotten annoyed at the fact that your feed has become on daunting, cluttered, and haphazardly arranged list. You can make lists for essentially everything else in your life, it makes sense that you should be able to do the same thing with Instagram. Where Instagram fails, though, Instafeed steps in. Create and flip through as many custom Instagram lists you want without having to actually follow them on your main account. If you're looking for some new material, there's even pre-curated lists for you to browse through. You can finally leave your Instagram feed clean and full of people youactually know. [Free]