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Husband and Wife Update Facebook and Twitter at the Altar

You know it's a brave new world when bride and groom update their Facebook status, and tweet about it. At the freaking altar. As they were being pronounced husband and wife. And with "brave" I really mean "f*cking dumb."

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That's what Dana Hanna—the guy in the video aka "theSoftwareJedi" aka "Ican'tbelieveit'sbutterandI'mgettingmarried"—did, without his bride knowing anything about it. The worse thing: The wife asked for her cellphone to update hers. Maybe she tweeted "Sigh. This is not going to last long."


It's like the world has transformed into a huge sitcom. One produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, directed by McG, and written by two thousand monkeys. Oh well, my best wishes go for the couple. I hope you guys don't divorce too soon. [Techcrunch]

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That's why the divorce rate is 50% in the USA. I don't think people take this kind of thing seriously. Obviously, if you're tweeting whilst on the altar, you don't have your priorities straight. I'm done with my sweeping generalizations.