This feels like the Back to the Future hoverboard in real life

Watch legendary surfer Laird Hamilton zoom over huge waves in Raglan, New Zealand. He is using a foilboard, a surf board with an underwater hydrofoil that makes it rise above the surface when it reaches certain speed.


Hamilton was the first person to use Mike Mack's foil board invention with a jet ski, but here you can see it working with no propulsion other than the ocean itself.

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Laird Looks pregnant, front and back. These foil things require that you get up to speeds that are dangerous if you hit the water. My guess is the bulges in the front and back are some kind of safety gear.

Personally I hate this foil stuff when applied to a pre existing sport and we are then asked to consider it as just part of that sport. I am looking at you Americas Cup! Foils have such a radical effect on the category they are used in that they create their own category. A foil on a surf board is obviously not surfing, its X game surfing of a sort. Being one with the ocean should never require a wave runner to get you there, in this case up to speed to get the lifting effect of the foil. Surfing is a kid a board and the ocean = fun. Consider this, Americas Cup boats in the last race reached speeds of 52 miles an hour regularly, you fall off the boat and hit the water at the wrong angle and your world has changed, the new boats will be faster. The new Americas Cup boats are fantastic X game machines, super high tech and unbelievably dangerous, we don't need that in the Americas Cup, do they need that in surfing?